50 candles for Alessandro Pesenti

The print quality you see and hear.

50 years. Our first wrinkles remind us how many concerns and how many smiles we have taken and given to a market that never fidget. The persistence in following and the satisfaction of accomplishing the market, the joy in offering new challenges in search of beauty. From the first gold engraving book covers to the most modern reel prints, or to the present flexible packaging, what distinguishes us is the purpose for perfection and sensibility to communication.

50 years have passed quickly between technology upgrades and training of human resources. The energy has been enriched by experience, the desire to grow has become competitive ability, our main strength is to remain innovative and innovatory.

The beauty turned into fascination... and we do not fear of getting old.

  • 50 candles for Alessandro Pesenti
  • 50 candles for Alessandro Pesenti